Today's lesson, Racism. If you see something written here that you’ve said or done, use it as an opportunity. Take it as a wake up call and make the decision to grow, change and be conscious of your own privilege. Remember, I am not a speaker for the entirety of a people. Use this blog as a reference tool, not as the one and only view on the topic. Creative Commons License
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Send Slam Richmond to Chicago!

Slam Richmond youth returns to Brave New Voices for the fourth time; THIS time defending their rank of third in the world — only with your help!

Slam Richmond is a multi-faceted organization, including a weekly open mic, workshops for aspiring writers, and an adult and youth slam poetry team. This writing community has become a voice for artistically suppressed young adults, allowing them the opportunity to be heard every Saturday. Here, scribbles in notepads and quiet journal entries are transformed into award winning prose.

Slam Richmond is the only venue in Richmond, Virginia offering a poetry slam competition weekly for both youth and adults in separate categories. Youth poets compete by writing original poems and reciting them for an audience and judges randomly selected from our crowd. Winners of each competition qualify for a chance to represent Richmond, Virginia at Brave New Voices youth competition, which is held annually in a different city. Once the teams are selected (5 poets and 2 coaches), they rehearse all summer and then compete to show the world a peek into Virginia’s artistic and literary arsenal!

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