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“Joking about horrible things is a coping mechanism”

I saw this as an explanation for racist “Jokes.” This white person said that making racist “Jokes” about Black people was a coping mechanism because racism was such a horrible thing. This person even went so far as to start to explain the idea of “Coping.” I want to put this out there so we’re all clear on this…

A coping mechanism is for those that need to cope.

A Black person joking about racism is a coping mechanism. A white person telling anti-black racist jokes, is a racist. 

I’m not going to say any more on this because I am going to choose to believe that everyone reading this is capable of critical thought. Seriously people, seriously. How is adding to the problem “coping” with the problem? 

Racists will walk to the ends of the earth to take something from someone they think has something that they don’t. Notice, they want to take part in the coping but not so much the pain that inspires the coping mechanism in the first place.

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    I hate it so much when people use the language of survivors to try to deflect criticism for their bullshit. It happens...
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