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What is Life in Black? (USA)

After seeing yet another person on this site talk about how easy Black people have it and having someone invite themselves into the Racism School Facebook inbox to tell me how horrible Black people are and that I was lying about everything I wrote here, I decided to take a closer look at what it meant to live a life in Black…

The best place to start would be at the beginning. With our Mothers being mistreated during our births. Because Black skin equals drug addiction, moments after we’re born, we are tested for drugs. Once we’re born, after the drug testing, we get weighed in. We then get to see if we are in the 13% of Black babies with low birth weight. (Highest of any race.) This is a national number of course. If you live someplace like New York, things could be worse. The low birth rate may or may not be in direct correlation to Black babies having over a 10% chance of having no prenatal care at all. (The highest of any race) All of this may very well be happening while our Mother is dying. Will we be one of the lucky Black children that get to have immunizations? Since we are less likely to receive them, lets cross our fingers and hope for the best. Then again, we are prime candidates for forced vaccines that the government would like to have tested. Black children are most likely to be put into some form of non-parental child care due to their parent(s) working. These centers are expensive, often provide less than stellar food and health care protection for the children who attend.

Things are often much worse for Black children in foster care. Although Black children only make up 29% of the foster care system, they are the most likely to be abused.

These child care centers do their best but are often unable to provide nutritious food. This wouldn’t be as big a deal if it weren’t for the fact that Black people are the most likely to live within a community with a food desert. Because food is directly connected to low birth weight, overall health, physical growth, mental growth and ability to learn especially during early education it makes the food Black children are able to get very important. Speaking of education, early childhood education is imperative in the learning and future of children. Black children however, have a huge gap in their learning to due lack of early education in government sanctioned places like Head Start. Especially if they are male.

Once Black children get into school, they are immediately treated as less intelligent and like they are or will become criminals. This treatment is particularly interesting because the study on behavior states that Black children are more likely to do their homework, less likely to use marijuana, alcohol or cigarettes, All while also being more likely to be working more than a 20 hour work week. While Black teenagers are the most likely to get pregnant, they are also the group that has made the biggest decline in teenage pregnancy between 1990-2007 with Black teenage pregnancy numbers still going down. Not so surprisingly, Black college enrollment is at less than 35%. Even when enrolled in a college program, Black students are shown to have less of a educational background to support a collegiate program. This is also not surprising due to both treatment of Black students in high school and predominantly Black schools being the first to be closed. This is believed to be a large reason for such a high drop out rate in Black college students.

There’s always charity, right? People love to talk about all the charities available to Black people. Well, if you’re Black and in your teens or older, you aren’t going to find much help.

Once a Black person is out of school and looking for work, we can look forward to white felons getting hired before a Black person who has no criminal record. Not so surprisingly, once you’ve found a job, whether professional or non-professional, Black people report being discriminated against more (14% vs 0%) based on race and in turn, more dissatisfaction in their jobs. Once in any given profession or job, a Black person better make sure that they are light skinned or else, they might find that they have an extra heaping of discriminatory practices coming their way.

Of course, if you’re Black you’ll want to try and hide your skin while driving or walking or standing or unconscious or sleeping.

It’s a good thing that we can buy homes to go to and have some peace. Or can we?  That’s okay though, it’s not like the racist laced fear of  Black people is being used to drive down prices in neighborhoods or anything. Hey, on the bright side, when we have a lovely area that just needs a little fixing up, there is always gentrification! If being unable to afford your home gets a Black person down and we are forced to live on the street, rest assured, we won’t be alone.  Of course, if the homeless Black person lives in a predominantly Black area, they may have to deal with some tiny little issues like living in or near a landfill or that pesky lead poisoning

Another big component of our easy lives has to be the criminal justice system. We are “Easily” given longer sentences for committing the same crimes. We are the group at the top if the list for that super fun racial profiling. Oh and let us not forget the far reaching aspects of being Stopped & Frisked. You can’t really blame the police officers though, after all Black people are “Fucking animals. You make sure if you have to shoot, you shoot them in the head. That way there’s one story." Still, Black people have nothing to worry about. Oh and then there’s that icky Death Penalty issue. Remember, if you aren’t Black, you can always use the “A Black guy did it" defense! Yes, anyone who isn’t Black can use it! If you forget to use it, the police will use it for you.

Black people really shouldn’t complain though because if we are ever shot, or sick in any way, there is always health insurance and great health care. Black people don’t really have to worry about health issues anyway because we don’t have Bipolar disorder, depression, Autism, skin cancer or eating disorders.

Black people are often mistaken for visitors in the USA. As a matter of fact, during the ongoing debate over guns, you don’t hear much about the gun laws that were enacted specifically to stop Black people from owning guns.

Speaking of American rights, voting is at the top of that list. Unless your a Black college student or Black person without an ID or just…Black.

It’s not about race though. We know this because we’re told on a hourly basis. No matter the subject, race is never the issue. Not in Feminism (Even though Black women have a higher rate of rape, physical abuse and lower pay scale). Not in LGTBQ issues (Even though Trans* people represent 44% of all LGBTQ murders and PoC are three times more likely to be the victim. With an emphasis on Black Trans* people.  LGBTQ people are among the largest population of homeless and 44% of them are Black.). Not in revisionist history (After all, its about making our forefathers look good). Words aren’t race related either. Nothing wrong with calling something or someone ghetto. It’s just a word.

Since Barack Obama’s first successful election, Black people have been informed that America is now a post racist society. Except, on the night of President Obama’s first inauguration, Republicans had a four hour meeting to discuss how they would not only make President Obama a one term president but also obstruct any and all things he tried to do for the country.

All in all, I guess those people are right. Black people clearly have it…easy.

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