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Anti-Social Justice League, You Can Opt-Out

One of the most amazing things about Social Justice Bloggers vs Anti-Social Justice bloggers on this site is that only one of the two, can simply opt-out. 

The reason it is a completely fair assessment to say that being “Anti-Social Justice” is being “PRO-Bigot” is because people like me, an evil SJW, can not opt out of racism. Yes, I can chose not to talk about it online. I can not however, choose not to be racially assaulted online. I can choose not to talk about it in my personal life. I can not choose not to be racially assaulted in my personal life. I can choose not to talk about it at work. I can not choose not to be racially assaulted at work. You see, for me, racism is part of my every day, every avenue, every waking moment of life. I can not opt-out. There is not a “Racism free” place. Online or off. 

You, the anti-social justice league, can. I know, for a fact, that you can choose not to see any social justice posts here on Tumblr. I know because I have a personal page in which I follow 211 people. 3 of those 211 occasionally post social justice things. If I wanted to get away from “Social Justice” type posts, I could simply unfollow three people. 

Here’s where it get’s interesting. You know how I said that I couldn’t get away from racism no matter where I go? Let me give you an example. On my personal page, I have had to unfollow several seemingly innocent blogs because of racism. I had to unfollow a cat blog because suddenly, they decided that racist cats were super fun. 




When I say I can’t get away from it, that is exactly what I mean. You on the other hand, you are making a conscious decision to not only seek it out but to dedicate your entire blog to it. Yet, you claim that you are not a bigot. That you are just “Rustling Jimmies.”

You hate being called cis scum or cracker or being accused of mansplaining? So your reaction is….to build a page that is dedicated to people who call you these things? Just to “Rustle” them and get them to call you these things MORE

You see, this is the fundamental difference. Those of us who want to change the world for the better are actually trying to STOP people from hurting us and other people. We are trying to STOP people from saying horrible things to us. Which means, when someone says horrible things to us, we don’t build a shrine to them to get their attention so they will say MORE horrible things. 

You are CHOOSING to hurt people. You are CHOOSING to harass people. You are CHOOSING to build your entire blog around people you claim that you don’t “Care” about and people you “Hate” and people that you think are “Hurting their cause.” 

The worst part of all of this is that, you are proud. You are proud to hurt people. You call hurting people “Rustling.” You are such a cruel human being that you gave a cute little nick name to your hate. Do you not see how disturbing that is? 

No. No, I guess you wouldn’t. After all, you believe what you’re doing is okay. You call what you’re doing “Fun.”

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