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Summer Reading List: Midnight and the meaning of love

Midnight and the Meaning of Love by Sister Souljah

Book Description: Midnight and The Meaning of Love is a global novel about Midnight, a young, strong, ninjutsu trained man. Midnight married sixteen year old Akemi Nakamura from Japan. At the most intense, hottest, highpoint of their love and union, Akemi’s father secretly captures Akemi and returns her to Japan. Midnight sets off on a powerful, colorful and unforgettable journey from Brooklyn across the world to win back his wife. Midnight meets much more trouble, temptation and danger than he ever imagined.

Opinion on this book: No clue! I haven’t read it yet. This is a big ass book. As in, damn! That book is thick! I just got it and it may very well take me through the end of Fall to read it. This is the very last of the “Summer Reading List” so I figured it would be good to end with a big one! I’ve heard great things about Sister Souljah but have never read any of her books. I’m hoping this one does not disappoint. 

If you’ve read it, let me know what you think. Is any good?

  1. blackgirlsrpretty2 said: i’ve had this book for over a year and have not read it. It’s so big! I fell in love with the character from the COLDEST WINTER EVER…but have failed to read this…i want to..but i’ve lost an interest in a way
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    can I just say the Akemi is 16 and Midnight is just described as a man so…
  3. cherimoyabliss91 said: HA that was my Summer Reading!!! It was actually VERYYYYY good and to think he is all that and more at 14 years old scares me.
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