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Ally: No Cookies, Cakes or Pies

During this week of ally related posts, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t give anyone the wrong idea. Yes, I believe being an ally is difficult. Yes, I believe that you/we get tired of fighting and the days feel extra long sometimes. However, a cookie is not warranted. I am often baffled by the level of ignorance often coming from people who feel owed a whip cream topped desert for merely doing the right thing. Because of this, I have a short list of things for you to consider the next time you catch yourself asking where the desert menu is.

  • Every single thing that you do to better the community that you are an ally for, is also being done by the people within the community. Only, they/we have the added bonus of being systematically oppressed.

Actually, I had a few other things to add to this list but that pretty much sums it up. Remember, the kind of allies that would want this in the first place are usually operating under some misguided assumption that it is THEY and they alone who will right the wrongs being placed on a community. Which is why they believe yelling “Fine, I’m not an ally anymore,” as we saw happen last night, is such a threat. A true ally knows that it is they who HELP but are not the driving force of the change.

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