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Feminism: Race Matters (Pay Stats)

The popular opinion of the faux Feminists is that women make less money than men. Also, race doesn’t matter. Except, once again, they’re wrong. White women make more money than both Black men and Hispanic men when comparing the first quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. See table two here. From this website. As with the previous post, I am keeping this Black/white specific. However, I encourage you to look at the links provided if for no other reason, to see the interesting fact that it is actually Asians, not white people, who are making the most money. Also, please note that although I am keeping with theme and showing Black/White, it is actually Hispanics that are earning the least amount of money is America. 

Pay in order, from highest to lowest-First Quarter 2012:

  • White Men- $874
  • White Women- $713
  • Black Men- $677
  • Black Women- 602

This is all to say that, once again, you should be able to see why intersectionality is so important. Why race matters. I’m not done yet, though. Remember the previous post were we were looking at criminal stats? Well, money plays a role in that too. See table 15 here.

Crimes of Violence by annual income: Rate for White Only

  • Less than $7,500- 40.9
  • $7,500-%14,999- 41.3
  • $15,000-$24,999- 23.9
  • $25,000-$34.999- 25.1
  • $35,000-$49,999- 22.2
  • $50,000-$74,999- 14.7
  • $75,000 or more- 12.4

Crimes of Violence by annual income: Rate for Black Only

  • Less than $7,500- 57.1
  • $7,500-%14,999- 44.0
  • $15,000-$24,999- 31.0
  • $25,000-$34.999- 24.3 
  • $35,000-$49,999- 15.4
  • $50,000-$74,999- 28.2
  • $75,000 or more- 11.7

You see, we are talking about lower pay for equal work but we are also talking about higher crime rates for lower pay, lessor education, lesser health care options and lessor quality of life. Stop saying that women make less than men. This is factually incorrect. Stop saying that race doesn’t matter or has no place in the Feminist movement. This is also factually incorrect. You either are with us (Us = ALL women) or you are for yourself only (Acting just like the people you are pointing to as your oppressor), there is no in between.

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