Today's lesson, Racism. If you see something written here that you’ve said or done, use it as an opportunity. Take it as a wake up call and make the decision to grow, change and be conscious of your own privilege. Remember, I am not a speaker for the entirety of a people. Use this blog as a reference tool, not as the one and only view on the topic. Creative Commons License
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You Might be a Racist if… (Online Edition)

((Note: These are all things that crossed my dash in a 90 minute period of time))

Things you can say that would make me think you were a racist and why:

  • Your opposition is specific-Your blog is filled with pictures and the only time you post something written is in opposition of the “African American History Museum” or something equally anti- (not your own) race specific.
  • You Start your post/comment/reply with “I’m not racist.”-We’ve been through this but just a quick reminder, non-racists don’t need a “Qualifying statement.”
  • Race doesn’t exist. It’s a social construct-This is just stupidity. As it was pointed out in the original post, saying “It is a social construct” doesn’t make it “Not real.” Most things we hold true are social constructs so this particular derailment is all kinds of dumb.
  • I don’t see color (see also: We’re all human)-We’ve been through this as well but real quick, Example: If you don’t see color that would mean that you see police brutally attacking 100 unarmed people and since you do not see color you will refuse to see it as a racial issue. Even when it is pointed out that this kind of sick shit happens over 87% more often to non-white people. You will not allow yourself to see this as a “Racial issue” because you “Do not see race” and therefore are continuing to be part of the problem simply because you are incapable of being part of the solution. Ya know, ‘cause…color blind and stuff. 
  • I am Bi-Racial so I know both sides-I CALL BULLSHIT! Um…let me just point something out real, real quick honeybun. If one of your “Halves” is white, you don’t see anything “More clearly” than anyone else. This entire line makes me want to pounce on you and not in the fun sexual way. If you live in America or anywhere that has a predominately white society, NO MATTER YOUR RACE, you know the “White side.” It is the side that is chosen as “The norm.” Because it is “The norm” there is no great challenge to understanding. There is nothing to see more clearly. White is the voice of the nation. EVERYONE HEARS THAT VOICE. On top of that, from one Bi-Racial person to another, I think you are a real dick. That should mean more to you coming from me because ya know, “I see both sides too.” Pfft.
  • Every race has been oppressed/enslaved at one time or another-Once again, been there done that. Still, I have yet to see this be brought up in a conversation that was specifically about slavery. This particular form of derailment is pretty damned disgusting because as much as you might like to shout “We were all…at one time” the lasting affects of each particular group IS NOT THE SAME. In order for this argument to be a valid one, the SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION would have also had to be equal. They were not and are not. 

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