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We’re Not All Like That

This statement derails and belittles the conversation so that you may shout your good ally status.

You are not a good ally.

Why are you feeling like you need to defend white people? I am being completely serious with that question. When a person of color talks about something that is being done/has been done to oppress them and uses the words “White people,” why do you feel the need to say “Not all white people?” We know. Do you think we don’t know? Lets say you DO think we don’t know, now what? You’ve said that its not “all of you”. Okay but the experience the person had, the feelings the person is feeling, are they not valid now that you announced that not all white people do it and IMMEDIATELY start to talk about YOU?

Oh you didn’t think we noticed that did you? You see this is the REAL problem with “Not all white people” you are saying “NOT ME” and not only do I want to point out “NOT ME” but I want praise for it “NOT BEING ME.” I will give you proof that “NOT ME” and I will derail the entire conversation, entire argument, the entire point of your post to tell you how not racist I am. If you don’t back up and STOP YOUR ORIGINAL DISCUSSION to tell me that you know that “NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE” then I will be an upset and highly offended white person. Then, likely call racism.

Which leads to the second problem. You being offended that someone doesn’t stop to re-step with “Not all white people” is not MORE offensive than the oppressive conversation. It is not about you. Stop making it about you. Your feelings are hurt because someone is talking about oppression and you want to STOP THEM FROM TALKING to remind them that “Not you?”

This is not about you. Stop making it about you.

Something tells me that my words are to intricate for some of you to understand. I am going to explain this in the simplest way I can.

White person says about black people- “Black people are lazy” «Racist. Even if you clarify your statement and say “Not all black people.” It’s racist and the clarification makes no difference.

Black person says- “White people are oppressive.” «Not racist. A statement of fact. The generalization is the same. As in, if said black person were MADE to clarify with “Not all white people” it makes no difference. Also, it does two other things: 1-Interrupts the conversation to make it about YOU and not the oppressed. 2-Makes the conversation about oppression LESS IMPORTANT than your NEED for people to know “Not you.”

Your ally cry is anti-ally.

I hate when people compare one group’s struggle to another group so I am going to make this more personal. Because I have had this exact conversation in real life, I am going to give you one last example of what you are doing when you stop the conversation to say “Not all white people.”

Me: Someone driving a blue Toyota just hit and killed my four year old child.

You: I drive a blue Toyota. Not everyone who drives a blue Toyota hits four year old children.

I am just gonna leave that here for you to digest.

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