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“I Have Black Friends” Says Mr. & Ms. Racist

Dear Ms. & Mr. Racist,

Your black friends lied to you. Whatever it is they said wasn’t the lie, it’s that false sense of entitlement. You see Ms. & Mr. Racist, when you tell me that you have “Black Friends” in order to prove that you aren’t racist and that maybe I am overreacting when I pointed out that racist thing you just said, it proves you are a racist.

These Black friends of yours, whether they be real or imaginary beings that you made up to justify your hate, have caused you to believe that there is a Black People Trump Card. There isn’t. You thinking there is, proves you are a racist. What I am trying to convey here Ms. & Mr. Racist is that when you say things like “I have black friends” or “My black friend joe said I could say it so it’s okay.” You are trying to pit two black people against each other. When you do that, it is you that become the joker.

You admit that you think that the black person who said the words that suite you the best carry more weight than the black person that opposes you. Only a racist is capable of such malicious thinking. You see, it is not the character or the education or even the clothes that the certain black person wears that makes his/her/their words more delicious to you. It’s just that they support your hate filled views. You are a racist.


 The thinking public

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