Today's lesson, Racism. If you see something written here that you’ve said or done, use it as an opportunity. Take it as a wake up call and make the decision to grow, change and be conscious of your own privilege. Remember, I am not a speaker for the entirety of a people. Use this blog as a reference tool, not as the one and only view on the topic. Creative Commons License
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Racism 202: Audio Visual


Short videos

Dick Gregory: Advice to Young African Americans 

Baldwin’s Nigger

“The Angry Eye” part 1

“The Angry Eye” part 2

Jane Elliott Talks to Adults

“I am Not Black, I’m GOLDEN”

How To Be Black

Who Taught You to Hate Yourself? by Malcolm X

Malcolm X - Mike Wallace - CBS News Interviews - June 1964

Spoken Word

"I Look Like" - Kai Davis

"Favorite Color" - Jay Davis

"Michelle Obama" - Jasmine Man

"Mike Check" -Suheir Hammad

"Bi-Racial Hair" -Zora Howard

"We Are Men" - Black Ice, Poetri and Shihan

“Knock Knock” by Daniel Beaty

“Woman to Woman” by Thea Monyee

"Elementary" by Javon Johnson

“If Only Out of Vanity” Staceyann Chin

"My Space" by Shannon Matesky 

“Second Guessing” by Scorpio Blue

How to Not Swallow Your Voice by Accident

Full Length Movies, Documentaries and Interviews

Alex Haley’s ROOTS Part 1

Alex Haley’s ROOTS Part 2

Alex Haley’s ROOTS Part 3

Alex Haley’s ROOTS Part 4

Alex Haley’s ROOTS Part 5

Alex Haley’s ROOTS Part 6

Angela Davis: Slavery and the Prison Industrial Complex

Malcolm X: Make It Plain

How the FBI Sabotaged Black America

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Michelle Alexander: Drug War Racism

Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

A Huey P Newton Story

African American Experience (YouTube Chanel)

Angela Davis & Toni Morrison, LIVE from NYPL

Black Panther Party & Beyond Part One + Part Two + Part Three + Part Four + Part Five + Part Six + Part Seven + Part Eight + Part Nine + Part Ten + Part Eleven + Part Twelve


Slavery by Any Other Name 

On Hulu

White Wash

Black Panther (Marvel Hero Cartoon Series)

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six