Today's lesson, Racism. If you see something written here that you’ve said or done, use it as an opportunity. Take it as a wake up call and make the decision to grow, change and be conscious of your own privilege. Remember, I am not a speaker for the entirety of a people. Use this blog as a reference tool, not as the one and only view on the topic.

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Twisted Cereus: plaited jewelry for the casual nonconformist


Hey Gang!

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Hey everybody I am going to spearhead a campaign about encouraging students to pursue a higher education in low income and of color communities, and I am interested in knowing ways in which that has been achieved elsewhere, or if anyone has taken parts in this sort of initiative or if anyone who is currently in high school needs to feel further encouraged, or even what sorts of commitment do these students need from colleges.

Update: I realize I was not very clear in this post, please click anywhere on this statement to see more information on the education empowerment program.

Please help us get to The World Indigenous People’s Conference in Hawaii



A group of classmates and I are trying to attend the five day World Indigenous People’s Conference on Education in Hawaii which is coming up in May. This indiegogo was created in order to help fund the trip for folks who aren’t able to afford the steep costs of the registration, flight, and board. If possible, a donation would be incredible (any amount counts) and/or spreading the word across other social media venues for more visibility! 

Blurb from the Indiegogo

"Hello! We are a diverse group of students from Western Washington University (located in Bellingham, WA) dedicated to educational equity and taking the actions necessary to make traditional classroom spaces and alternative learning venues enriching for children and adults. Many of us are majoring in human services, education (at the k-12 level and beyond), American Cultural Studies, psychology, and/or are budding grassroots organizers. The common thread guiding us all, is our desire to help people in varied ways and build greater awareness about experiences people from different walks of life and communities may be navigating.

Our class set up this campaign in order to help fund our participation at the World Indigenous People’s Conference on Education in Hawaii. This five day conference is renowned for its ability to enrich and expand people’s ideas about what education can look like and how to better ignite excitement about learning. We are absolutely invested in gaining more effective ways of teaching and learning. As well as unlearning some of the dynamics we have experienced in the classroom. Such as the teacher as the sole holder of knowledge. We believe that learning should be a communal endeavor where the teacher is learning alongside students and students are teaching alongside their teachers. 

As students working our way through school, a conference and trip of this magnitude with such a short time left, would not be achievable without the generous contributions of interested donors. We are ecstatic about this opportunity as well as the possibility that there are people out there willing to help. So we would like to thank you in advance for your kindness.”


Please please share, reblog, tweet, spread the word in anyway possible!


I’m shaking from rage and I’m really going to try to make this short because this site and some of the people on it, are really terrifying.

Chaotically-Neutral is a racist extremist who supports white supremacists like Factual Wiley to the point that she would literally lie for them about them posting my home address online. FYI-That’s not a magical space where the words start and stop, that is me blocking out the address. (Seriously, if you click on the image you can clearly see that the address is blurred out)

Savannah Worley (jadedcattyfeistysweetie) has sunk so low that she’s now thanking racist extremists for “Reporting” me.

Here are the facts: I have never, ever doxxed anyone. I’ve been adamantly against doxxing since I started Tumblr and throughout this seriously disturbing and never ending situation, I still never, ever doxxed anyone.

The one and only thing I’ve ever done was post IP Addresses (My own old one included) to prove I wasn’t lying and even THAT was a move of desperation I took after, yes after, Savannah Worley posted what she believed to be my IP Address. Even with that, I only felt comfortable posting the IPs because there’s not much a person can get from them as far as physical addresses go.

Savannah Worley set up multiple blogs and then claimed I made them, repeatedly lied about things I say, do and think. All the while, claiming that it was her in danger. Meanwhile, the racists extremist side of Tumblr were claiming I run 101 different blogs all dedicated to hating them. They found two of my friends, attacked them both until they ran them off the site. One of whom only left after they’d successfully attacked her to the point where she tried to commit suicide. Why? Because they said they were actually me. Therefore, the attacks were justified. (In the last screenshot, the ask mentions Anti-SJ Proverbs, that is one of my friends who was falsely accused of being me, attacked and run off the site. Notice how we are being talked about as if we’re the same person)

I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of being lied on. I’m tired of being afraid of people who truly have no moral compass and are terrifyingly capable of anything.

I’m just tired.

I’ll be taking a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. I thought that after having both my old and new address posted online along with death threats, these people would finally leave me alone but no, it’s still happening and actually getting more scary by the moment.

In addition to the above, I’m also having to deal with a blog called OMGStopBeingAShittyPerson, which is run by alostbird and Savannah Worley, posting extremely slanderous information about me as well as giving violent people a place to try to “Figure out” where I live. 

It’s truly terrifying.

Disturbingly, these people have been stalking me on any platform they can find, taking screen shots and waiting for their names to be mentioned.

You’ll notice that Savannah Worley/OMG is upset at being labeled a white supremacist and claims she’s never done anything white supremacist but then, immediately defends Factual Wiley, a white supremacist after finding out that he doxxed me. 

She posts an ask protecting Factual Wiley, anon claiming that they knew which post this was and it totes wasn’t a doxx. Then goes on to give places someone could find my address. Next, they blatantly lie by saying that my address can be found on my blog. To which, of course, Savannah Worley thanks them for the information.

She posts another ask protecting Factual Wiley, claiming that FW would have been banned. (Pfft! Since when does Tumblr ban people for endangering someone else?)

Then she posts an ask that says there was an account repeating “Kill RS” (This is not what the account that said they’d wished I’d get murdered said, so this is a totally different blog) and even more upsetting, a list of places where I’ve evidently been doxxed, making sure people could readily find my information. This ish is scary as hell and keep in mind, this was being posted as I was trying to get a blog taken down that posted my current address while posting that they’d wish I’d get murdered.

Once again, in an effort to protect Factual Wiley, one of the two people who posted my HOME ADDRESS (Albeit, in his case, an old one) by claiming that he would “Never” doxx anyone. The ask claims that I set up a “Report brigade” in order to get the above post removed. Savannah Worley then goes into full victim blaming mode by stating that it is “My own fault” for giving out my name.

As if all this isn’t bad enough, she then started posting asks speculating where I might live and admitting they’ve searched for me in different locations.

Then, posts an ask that admits the purpose of this hate blog is to “Intimidate, humiliate, and harm.”

But hey, Savannah Worly would like to thank Savannah Worley for “Bringing the truth.”

I know this is a lot to take in and I’ve been way more afraid and upset than I’ve ever wanted to admit. Mainly because I think these people enjoy the pain they cause. None the less, I won’t be posting or reblogging anything else (except the few things already queued) until I’m able to take the time to fully write up everything that’s happened, go through each of these disturbing posts and fully explain how truly terrible the last eighteen months have been for me.

Yes, I want to clear my name but that’s not really the problem here. The problem is that, as I think they wanted, this has given racist extremists a reason to discredit this blog. Honestly, I think all of this has very little to do with me as a person and way more to do with this blog and it’s success. It’s scary but no, I won’t be gone forever and no, these people will not get to use this year and a half long vitriolic and violent situation to further their racist agendas.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I WILL be back. There are a few Heritage Month posts queued but other than that, I won’t post again until I’m back for good.

Take care of each other. Be safe. Love, hugs and tickle bugs!

Oh wait! One last thing, evidently it really pisses these people off to know that there’s a donate button on this page so…Here’s a link to my donate button! Give me all your pennies!


(Click on each picture to see larger/clearer image and captions)

These are the three blogs that were mysteriously started and deleted all for Savannah Worley. 

The creation of the first, Savannah Worley is falsely attributing to me. The second, she’s attributed to her “Mother.” Yes, her freaking Mother. The third, was attributed to me, then to Genderbitch, then to a mysterious third party who “Supported us” and now, is back to being attributed to me.

*I didn’t have enough space for each of the screenshots Savannah Worley took from the third section but you can see them all on this post that was inexplicably (and completely out of the blue several weeks after the fact) reblogged recently by her good friend, alostbird.*

Please take note of the language, writing and overall wordage of each section. If they all sound the same, it’s because they were all written by the same person, Savannah Worley. 

Think about the mindset of a person who would not only go to these lengths to slander someone but who, when pretending to show herself support, actually claimed to be her own Mother. HER MOTHER.

The first and third have no evidence or proof to back up who she claims wrote each post/set up each blog. However, she does claim to at least know who wrote the second. 

Why do they all sound and look exactly the same? Why did each of them show up, out of the blue, at random times? Why is there zero proof for the first or third section, yet…she’s sure, positive and absolutely certain that I set them up?

There are a heck of a lot more questions to be asked here but for now, I’ll leave you with those.

When Chaotically-Neutral lies about me posting Savannah Worley’s first and last name, you can see that it wasn’t me, but Savannah Worley herself. In addition, I didn’t start repeating her name until she wouldn’t stop repeating mine on her OMGStopBeingAShittyPerson blog. Which you can see if you look at the tag using my name. She is the one and only person who repeatedly says my name and has for MONTHS in order to continue her extreme slander.

I, of course, have only just started to use her name and will continue to do so until she removes mine from her slanderous hate blog account.

Posting this with a follow up post to explain why I’ll be taking a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.

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Meet: Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald

Black Girls Golf was founded in 2011 by Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald. Tiffany created Black Girls Golf after spending 10 years in Corporate America and noticing how many opportunities were available to her colleagues who played golf. As she became a more experienced golfer, she noticed how few Black women were involved in the sport.

According to the latest Census figures, African-Americans comprise 12.6 percent of the population, yet the 1.4 million who golf make up only 5.5 percent of nations golfers.”

It is our mission to introduce Black women and girls to golf through instructional clinics, hosting golf outings, and sponsoring tournaments.” (X)

Black Cinema House

Celebrating Black Cinema while giving a side eye to the IMDb description of each movie

“Stop Talking About It”

The Morgan Freeman quote about the best way to end racism is an oft trotted out weapon of racists but never do we hear this more than during Black History Month. In fact, I’d say it may be second only to “If there was a white history month it would be called racist.” (This was supposed to be posted last month, sorry)

Usually, when people dissect this quote to show it’s ignorance, they make comparisons. I’m sure most of us have heard someone talk about this and facetiously say something like, “The best way to end cancer is to stop talking about it.” This is usually followed by three or four more comments just like it.

Well, it’s a good point. Great point even. The idea that not talking about something will magically make it disappear is non-sense at it’s finest.

While I both enjoy and agree with that tact, I’d like to give a different perspective here. First off, the quote in question, was taken out of context. Don’t get me wrong, Morgan Freeman stands proud on the side of white supremacy but this quote, at least the way it’s used, is taken completely out of it’s contextual point.

The point here is not and was not to “Stop talking about it” but instead to stop making it a “Special” conversation. If the discussion about racism was part of our every day lives, really a part of it, a part of the national conversation- in school, at work, everywhere. It wouldn’t be “Special.” When we saw racism, we would call it out, the person would make the decision to apologize and change or choose to continue to be racist but the “Call out” or the “Talking about” wouldn’t be dirty, wrong or “Political.” It would simply be Wednesday.

When racism comes up, it’s “Special.” Sure you hear about it a lot on sites like Tumblr but this site is really it’s own environment. It’s not reflective of the world at large.

If racism, in all it’s forms was a regular, every day discussion, something that could be discussed as freely as today’s school lunch, there would never, ever be a requirement for the “Special” conversation and we would no longer have to “Talk about it” in specially marked rooms with “Race theory” written on the door.

Finally, just to state the obvious, the people who’ve read this far and are looking for something more concise to say the next time they hear someone spout off the “Stop talking about it” stuff, simply say this:

In order to talk about racism, racism would have to first exist. I can’t “Point it out” if there’s nothing to point to. Stop asking me to change the effect when you have no interest in first changing the cause.

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